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standing at the foot of key mountain

i have chains

bound all around

wrapped within

held by one simple lock

it’s ugly


suits me

it would make Jacob Marley proud

but i know i can unlock it

and let the chains fall

all i have to do is find the key

no problem

it’s right here in front of me

in this looming pile of keys

of which i stand at the foot

all i have to do is find it

shouldn’t take more than

the rest of my life

i hope

so if you need me just follow the sound

of keys being chosen

shoved in the lock

and then discarded with a


follow the “tink”

if you need me

i’ll be standing at the foot of key mountain.


How can seeing someone’s name seem so magical? It just sits there, in an inbox or elsewhere on your screen, but the arrangement of letters just makes your heart go all wonky. It’s not like it’s their face or even THEM, that stuff makes your heart go wonky too, but that makes more sense. I guess it’s because it’s like they just arrived, just breezed into the room to brighten your day in a way they couldn’t do otherwise at the moment. It’s still a connection, still a “Hey, I was thinking about you.” moment. It doesn’t make any sense, but I still love it.

It’s magic.


Many people, when they think they need to act tough or invulnerable, picture themselves as rock or steel.

I say Be Water.

Why water? Because water flows. It flows with the course set for it, goes in, around, through and over the obstacles in its path: sometimes in such torrents that it overwhelms all obstacles in its path. Tsunamis are one of the most devastating forces in the world as recent events have shown. With time and patience water can break down rock and rust steel. If you freeze it, it merely becomes ice and if you boil it, it becomes steam. I think it is the perfect analogy to think of yourself as when dealing with life’s vicissitudes. Sometimes you need to stop fighting and let yourself flow around the problem, sometimes you need to freeze up and grow cold to things, other times you need to let yourself boil and steam and in some instances you need to become a raging wall of water that overwhelms all in your path. Whichever you choose, in the end let the water leave you clean, refreshed and calm. Let the rings from the pebbles of worry fade until you are once more a placid beautiful mirror. Go fishing in your soul and see what you catch.

The human body itself is as much as 78% water (with variations according to body size). There is no rock or steel in you other than what you are imagining is there. And rock shatters and steel bends when enough force is applied. Water merely splashes and, if deep enough, whatever is flung at it is drowned beneath the waves without any evidence it was ever there to begin with.

Water is life, so in your life; Be water.

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blue sky

Blue sky shines above my head as I lay on the ground. The juxtaposition of the green leaves twitching in the cool breeze against that blue give a splash of color to the otherwise featureless expanse. I hear the other people around me. Their self-important conversations floating in to my ear and creating a dissonance between the peaceful vision and the agitation of sound. Suddenly, I am transported beyond the blue sky into the cold of space and I look back at the earth. And even as my body is laying there grounded and I feel large and significant, I realize i am small and insignificant. The earth i exist on is merely a tiny ball in a tiny solar system rotating around a tiny star that itself exists in only one galaxy in a universe of galaxies. This does not sadden me, however. It frees me. i realize that many of the things we fret over are even more insignificant than we are. They are a subset of insignificance, a parenthetical grouping of insignificant things impacting an insignificant being. Yet, the paradox exists that i am significant, if only to other insignificant beings. For my children, my family, I am of supreme significance. And that balance puts the world right again and then I am back in my body staring at blue sky.

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