The Land of NeverWas

Where all the "Might Have Beens" live

The Silliness of Yesterday

Recently I had cause to return to the Land of Neverwas. I had to chuckle a little. I thought melodrama was long past and behind me, along with my teen years, but boy was I wrong. I remember the feelings. I remember their expression. But as time has dulled both things and I look back….hew boi…melodrama is hardly descriptive enough. I raged and I whined all to no avail. Well, maybe not to no avail. I did learn I don’t ever want to be there again. Fuck. That. It was all self-created drama anyway. Part of my imagination, making up stories and things that were never real. Never there. Neverwas. My life may not be the product of an overactive imagination but it sure can be the victim of it sometimes. What seemed like love was simply mistaken desire. You can only see with time that you were an exciting little game that some girl child was playing. A naughty little secret there to add a bit of spice to a mundane, boring life. It was fun for awhile but then you take off the blinders. Blinders worn to hide what was there beside you all along. All you had to do was turn your head. Once you do you can say hello to things that make sense and leave behind the silliness of yesterday…

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