The Land of NeverWas

Where all the "Might Have Beens" live

Protest American Style

In light of the fact that this country’s beginnings are deeply rooted in protest, I find it confusing how groups of people protesting for justice and change can be criminalized and demeaned instead of held up as heroes. (True heroes, because all they have are signs and anger. No armor, no high powered weapons, and no training.) But then I realize that the majority of people fighting for righteous change in this country at the moment are people of color and not even the Founding Fathers were ready for that shit. I joined in a low key protest once and even that shriveled me testes. It was scary thinking that any minute armed police might swoop in. The people protesting now are facing a veritable army and many of the people in this country despise them for some reason I can’t fathom (other than the color of their skin.) I support them. I admire them. I am tired of hearing stories of young people (PEOPLE! HUMAN BEINGS!) getting gunned down in the streets. I am tired of hearing that their murderers get off scot free and are even supported in their deeds. Right or left, this should be an issue that we are all tired of having happen in this country. But the powers that be, instead of sitting down and discussing a solution to end the bloodshed, they want to escalate with more armed thugs and more armored vehicles and more promise of violence. And in the end, they won’t be the ones blamed, it will be the protestors. The badge is a tiny metal thing on a person’s shirt, but it makes a gigantic shield to hide behind.

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