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Such a small, simple word.

But one time, it saved my son’s life.

It was years ago. Me, my son and a neighbor boy were kicking the soccer ball around in the front yard of my house. The neighbor boy and I were on one end of the yard and my son was on the other end. We lived in an older neighborhood and my driveway and the driveway of the corner house were together, making one large shared driveway. I kicked the ball and my son missed it and it rolled underneath the car of the neighbor whom we shared the driveway with. I waited while he got behind the tire of the car to retrieve the soccer ball. What I hadn’t noticed was that the neighbors were in their car, it was running, and they were about to take off.

But the neighbor boy had noticed. And that is when he saved my son’s life by shouting that one simple word.

I still remember that day at odd times and it still hits me hard. How close it was that I almost lost my boy. How unperceptive I had been not to see them. How irresponsible I had been to let him crawl under a car like that. Every time it pops into my head it’s like a nightmare. How close it all was. How fortunate we all were that the neighbor boy, (that we never see anymore, who is off living a life I know nothing about) was there and that he did see.

I get the shakes thinking about it. And I want to tell that neighbor boy – again and again – like I told him that day and beyond, (but it never feels like I said it enough) “Thank you” for saving my son’s life by shouting



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One thought on “Wait

  1. My son being hit or run over by a car is my greatest fear. My heart went up into my throat just reading this.

    When I was a child I lost a friend as a result of someone backing out of their driveway without checking behind their truck first. She had been sitting in the driveway (unpaved driveway) planting flowers. The things young children do. I still think of her.

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