The Land of NeverWas

Where all the "Might Have Beens" live

snapshots left in the sun… soon to fade

My hand remembers hers and feels empty without it. My fingers curl upon empty air and stare sadly down on nothing.

The memory of the warmth of her neck treads like a ghost upon my forlorn lips.

My body walks with others, but my heart stays trapped within remembrances of her.

Where, but for an accident of time and space, there would be a ‘we’, there is now only a ‘me’, lingering half undone.

All of these and more I see clearly in my mind, but fear they are merely cheap keepsakes.

Stuffed into the scrapbook of my mind where I frantically try to keep them fresh

But I know as time goes by they’ll grow harder to see

Like snapshots left in the sun…soon to fade.

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