The Land of NeverWas

Where all the "Might Have Beens" live


I didn’t think I had

that many tears inside of me.

They came in a flood

and every one had your name in it.

The goodbyes streaked down my face

and spattered onto my dreams

bursting them with the softest of pops.

My throat was sore

as if the pain in my heart

had caught there.

I walked in the rain

so no one could tell

the difference between

the tears from the sky

and the tears from within.

I hoped for lightning to strike me down

but the only bolt that shook me was

the one that kept shattering me

over and over again.

The final goodbye that struck my

tree of hope and

left it a burning, smoking husk

charred beyond recognition.

My tears rained down

in torrents and all I held dear

was washed away in the


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One thought on “flood

  1. Leah on said:

    This poem is so beautiful and heartbreaking. It’s fantastic, and really brings out emotion. Keep up the work. ❤

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