The Land of NeverWas

Where all the "Might Have Beens" live

blue sky

Blue sky shines above my head as I lay on the ground. The juxtaposition of the green leaves twitching in the cool breeze against that blue give a splash of color to the otherwise featureless expanse. I hear the other people around me. Their self-important conversations floating in to my ear and creating a dissonance between the peaceful vision and the agitation of sound. Suddenly, I am transported beyond the blue sky into the cold of space and I look back at the earth. And even as my body is laying there grounded and I feel large and significant, I realize i am small and insignificant. The earth i exist on is merely a tiny ball in a tiny solar system rotating around a tiny star that itself exists in only one galaxy in a universe of galaxies. This does not sadden me, however. It frees me. i realize that many of the things we fret over are even more insignificant than we are. They are a subset of insignificance, a parenthetical grouping of insignificant things impacting an insignificant being. Yet, the paradox exists that i am significant, if only to other insignificant beings. For my children, my family, I am of supreme significance. And that balance puts the world right again and then I am back in my body staring at blue sky.

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