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I Have Lost My Skin

I have lost my skin

and all the nerves once held


now dangle raw and exposed.

The light of day. Hurts.

The cool breeze. Hurts.

The dream in sleep. Hurts.

The dark of night. Hurts.

The taking in of breath. Hurts.

The opening of my eyes. Hurts.

The laughter of others. Hurts.

The beauty of the sunset. Hurts.

The pattering of the rain. Hurts.

The dull pattern of life. Hurts.

The memory of you. Hurts.

Everything. Hurts.

Now dangling raw and exposed

the nerves no longer held


For I have lost my skin.

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2 thoughts on “I Have Lost My Skin

  1. Martialis on said:

    Found this among other posts tagged with “poetry’ in the repository. This one’s pretty good–I love how brutal this poem is, particularly for lines like “The laughter of others. Hurts.” There one sees a bitter person, generally viewed as an affliction to society, himself being afflicted by society. This poem is touchingly honest. I also love the title which reminds me of a song by Keren Ann called “La forme et le fond” wherein she says “J’ai bien perdu ma peau de fée” (“I’ve well lost my fairy skin”).

    • toddrinker on said:

      This is perhaps the best comment I have yet received (not that I receive many). Not because of the compliment alone, but because it isn’t a compliment alone. It goes into the “why” and beyond just “it’s good”. The comment itself is well-written and thoughtful, and I thank you Martialis for having taken the time to write it.

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