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Fuck My “Beautiful Heart”

“You have a beautiful heart”, she told me. I’m not sure why, since it made no difference.

But, you are about to slice it into tiny pieces.

“I’m sorry I have to cause it pain.”

Then don’t. Stop right now and don’t say the words. Not those words. Say the ones that will keep it beautiful.

The thing she missed, the thing she never seemed to understand was that she made it beautiful. Really it’s a scarred up ugly old thing. A beast that she touched and, like a miracle, all the scars went away and it was as fresh as the day before it fell in love for the very first time. Before that first girl dug her claws into it and squeezed with a vicious little smile on her face.

From then on, I knew that love was not a game I would win.

Everything has been completely backwards. When I loved I lost and when I didn’t care they were all over me. Why in the hell was it like that? The only conclusion I could reach is that romance, like everything else, had been dumbed-down. Instead of words written straight from the heart, the effort of letting Hallmark speak for you is all that a man needs now. Buy her a card hundreds of others could buy, grab some flowers that will die before the week’s end. Clumsily compose a few words that were aimed more at creating guilt and manipulation than passion. Whatever. It’s an “A” for effort even though it’s the emotional equivalent of a burp. I was left in the same dust as Shelley and Lord Byron, despite my being alive now. And the little ashes of me were blowing away in the wind.

She stood there and looked at me, what she felt in her heart at that moment as enigmatic as the Sphynx. A mystery that I would never solve.

“Well, later, I guess”, she said quietly, then turned and walked away. With every step, as she grew smaller, I felt my heart grow smaller. It began to fall in upon itself and then implode. I was left confused and bewildered by her leaving everything she professed to desire. Generic: 1,350,072 Genuine: 0.

Hello Emptiness, my old friend.

“I knew you’d be back”, smirked Emptiness. “You’re such a fool.”

I knew Emptiness was right and vowed to never again tear myself inside out for anyone. I would bottle it all up and never take the cap off. There was no vessel out there worthy of pouring myself into after all. I was tricked yet again. I saw crystal when there was only plastic.

Yet, I also knew I was full of shit. Deep inside me there was still that tiny small ember I can never extinguish. One that still longs for the breeze that will fan it into a flame yet again. I even hoped it would be her, that a sudden epiphany would strike her heart down like a bolt of lightning and bring her back to me, electrified by the realization that only wrapped in my arms would she feel the passion she was looking for.

But reality set in. “Later, I guess”, she had said but it felt more like goodbye.

So regretfully I turned my eyes away from the spot where she had disappeared and thought bitterly to myself –

“Fuck my beautiful heart.”

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10 thoughts on “Fuck My “Beautiful Heart”

  1. I know this. I wish I didn’t. But I know this too well.

  2. i agree with G, unfortunately. youve captured feelings into words amazingly, and the thing about giving up on love is soooo true

  3. toddrinker on said:

    While I am sad that you have felt this, I am glad I could connect with you through my words. Thank you both for commenting.

  4. Luciano on said:

    Why Did You Stole My Love History?…

    Oh Wait… Its That Common?!

    Hehe, Cheers Mate.

  5. m raymundo on said:

    stumbleupon led me here. I’m glad it did

    I hope you’re not the guy my girlfriend left me for; cause I would hate to hate you

  6. This was me last night. Stumbleupon led me here as well. I’d like to say, “fuck my beautiful heart” and just give up, but i’m too afraid of missing something. Take the pleasure with the pain, i guess.

  7. I too, was brought here by Stumbleupon and I too, have had my “beautiful heart” broken by my husband. The one that never was going to. Don’t stop believing and don’t lose faith. There is someone out there for all of us and they won’t break our heart.

  8. Stumbleupon brought me here also. And I’m so glad it did. After 2 years of dating, and my ex promising me the world, he told me one day that he just ”didn’t see himself ever really loving me” and that he was over the relationship. Now, a month later he’s seeing someone else.

    I’d love to say I’m done with love forever, but I know better. It’s hard to describe this to my friends and it’s so good to know others know the feeling.

    Beautiful writing! Thanks.

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